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In the world of elite sports, professionals trust Air Relax for unparalleled recovery. Whether preparing for the Olympics, Tour de France, Ironman, or competing in the Premier League, NFL, or NBA, serious athletes choose Air Relax to maximize their performance.

Athletes understand that success is built on a foundation of meticulous preparation. From diet to training, every aspect is carefully considered, leaving nothing to chance. In this pursuit of excellence, professionals rely on training tools that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Air Relax stands out as the go-to choice for recovery systems that deliver the quality and reliability demanded by athletes who are committed to pushing their limits.

With over 15 years of proven excellence, our recovery systems come with a 3-year warranty, ensuring athletes worldwide rely on our robust technology to achieve their goals. Join the champions and invest in your performance with Air Relax today.

AThlete Favourite

The PLUS 3.0

The Air Relax 3.0 PLUS is a much loved recovery system used by thousands of athlete's worldwide due to its effectiveness, affordability and user-friendly interface. It is an essential tool to reach your full potential.

No Competition...

The PRO 4.0

The Air Relax 4.0 PRO is the best compression system available on the
market with premium materials, functionality, and reliability no other
brand can match.

Lymphedema or Edema Therapy

Compression therapy is a widely employed method for managing symptoms in conditions like lymphedema and edema, involving the application of controlled pressure to enhance blood and lymphatic circulation. The Air Relax compression garments, extensively utilized for individuals with lymphedema, inflate chambers within the garment to apply targeted pressure, aiding in reducing swelling and promoting effective lymphatic fluid flow. This approach is similarly recommended for edema, where a compression therapy system applies pressure to minimize excess fluid, reduce swelling, and support overall circulatory health. The effectiveness of compression therapy lies in its capacity to enhance circulation, decrease fluid retention, and manage associated discomfort, making Air Relax compression systems crucial for improving the quality of life in individuals dealing with these conditions.


Recover for Performance

The Air Relax Pro device itself has a high build quality, is easy and intuitive to set up and use, and works as advertised. I have been using the device for two weeks at the time of this review to recover from a severe proximal femur fracture with positive results in reducing edema and easing pain. I highly recommend this device for anyone looking for a sports performance recovery edge and/or recovering from a lower extremity injury.

— Jacquie A.

Varsity Swimmer's Thoughts

Air relax helps me fully recovery whether it would be for the next practice in the pool, the next lifting session in the gym, or the next championship race I have. If you are a swimmer or any athlete for that matter that is looking for ways to better recover, give Air Relax a go.

— Matthew G.

Track & Cross Country Coach

With the sets of Air Relax Plus systems that we got; we have changed our recovery routine in a big way.  For me as the coach, I hear the kids talk about how good they feel after using them which is a big difference from before.  They used to talk about sore legs or not feeling it in a subsequent workout, but now they feel like they are back to normal much faster.  It was a great purchase and we'll be adding more sets soon.

— Tim L.

Accelerates Recovery and Deepest Sleep

Simple and easy to use right out of the box. First time I used it I passed out down stairs in living room. Ha ha ha. My teen daughter took pics of me while laughing and happy for me to sleep so soundly. It’s a near daily occurrence and when I’m extra sore from either indoor/outdoor rock climbing or bodybuilding/weightlifting. I know for certain recovery is much faster. Automatic shut off is nice, too. Absolutely love it and enthusiastically recommend Air Relax to everyone. Thank you for making this.

— John K.

Sports Massage Clinic

Excellent device. I run a small sports massage clinic and know the importance of recovery and blood flow. The boots give you legs a new lease of life after a hard training session. Highly recommend.

— Brendan D.

The Air Relax PRO

The Air Relax PRO is easy to use, easy to put on - and even easier to enjoy. You can stow everything well in the bag The different programs bring change into the routine. All in all a well thought through equipment. Expensive but worth the money for a well designed recovery device.

— Gottfried R.

Recovery System for the Price Conscientious Athlete!

My daughter is a volleyball player who takes recovery seriously. Used Normatec's for years at a commercial business and loved it. Air Relax by far matches the high expectations for the serious athlete while giving us affordability to take our recovery on the road. Had it only two weeks and so far, seriously impressed! GREAT product for the quality and price. So happy I found Air Relax!

— Christine V.