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We are proud of the success our athletes achieve

From customer feedback to professional athlete reviews in many different sports. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our thousands of happy customers think of their Air Relax Dynamic Compression Therapy system and how it benefits their lives

Jaume Leiva - International Endurance Runner & Coach

I'm surprised with the Air Relax recovery system. It is impressive how you can recover daily muscularly after the training sessions and thus be able to train more and better reducing the risk of injuries and improving physical performance. For me it is a great luck to have Air Relax every day.

Susie Cheetham Professional Triathlete & IRONMAN Champion Brazil

I started the 2017 triathlon season on a bit of a mission. I had to start the process of qualification from scratch in January. I knew it was going to take a lot out of my body and started looking for ways in which I could recover faster. I found Air Relax boots in April 2017 after Ironman African Championships and before Ironman South American Championships. My boots allowed me to recover faster and get into a good block of training pre the South American Championships in Brazil. I’m now back training for Kona and I’m depending on my Air Relax boots. I use a 15-30 minute cycle after most days training. My legs are fresher after using the boots allowing me to get back into my routine quicker and hopefully get back into Kona shape as quickly as possible.

Laura Siddall Professional Triathlete IRONMAN Champion Australia

As a global athlete, who spends most of her time living out of a suitcase, it's hard to sometimes find trusted and respected massage therapists in each new place I stay. Therefore having the Air Relax Compression system has been a huge and incredibly valued addition to my training and racing kit. Knowing that I now have my Air Relax boots with me to aid my recovery and training is a great confidence boost. The different compression programs and levels of pressure is perfect for supplementing my training, depending on how my legs feel and what I think is needed to assist. Using the boots has become an integrated part of helping me to become the very best I can.

Patrik Nilsson Professional Triathlete 4 time IM champion - 7.49:18h IM record

Air Relax helps me to recover after a +30h training week and makes sure I am recovered before my next training session. Never has compression been so helpful when recovery is everything before the next session. Air Relax helps me to recover, avoid injuries and reach new levels in my triathlon career.

Eero Kilpeläinen Professional Ice Hockey Player

I play professional ice hockey as a goalie for Örebro Hockey in the Swedish elite league, SHL. I wanted to maximize my recovery from training and games so I purchased Air Relax recovery system which I use every day. I feel this is a great product that speeds up the recovery. I use the boots also in the bus coming home from away games. Great product and equally great customer service! Thank you Air Relax!

Will Clarke Professional Triathlete 3 x Sub 8hr Ironman

I’m always looking forward to coming back to my Air Relax boots after a hard training day or in-between sessions. When the boot squeezes your legs hard and then release you can really feel the fresh blood flowing through the legs flushing fresh life to my legs. It feels great and I love having the excuse to sit back and relax and take 30 mins off my feet.

Vaida Žūsinaitė Olympic Marathon Runner Marathon 2:32,50 Half 1:15,51 10k 34:05 5k 16:09

Marathon running is a very difficult sport. I am running twice a day, sometimes I run more than 30km per day, and more than 500km per month. Friends call me a running machine :) but I am not! I am an athlete who works hard, but also I need good recovery. I am very happy to have found the Air Relax System, which helps me to recover faster! It’s also small and comfortable so I can take it everywhere!

Colin Norris UK Professional Triathlete Itzu Tri Team

I have really enjoyed using the air relax boots as part of my recovery. As a professional triathlete, business owner and part time worker I often struggle to relax and recover as much as I can. Using the Air Relax recovery system has allowed me to be fresher particularly for the higher intensity sessions and given me added confidence particularly when tapering for the next big race. A very good excuse to lie back and reap the benefits!

Martijn Dekker Dutch Professional Triathlete Itzu Tri Team

With Air Relax, I can work on my recovery at any time of the day. A good recovery is one of the most important elements of sports, and the element we tend to forget the most often.

Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou GRE, Bronze Medalist in pole vault – 2015 IAAF World Championships

Air Relax System is absolutely my new favorite recovery tool. After intensive twice/day workouts of a total of 7-8h, I slide the sleeves on and let the air compression refresh my legs. The feeling and recovery is truly amazing! The machine is very easy and simple to use and I’m very happy with it! I use it almost every day and I suggest if you are active in sports to give it a try. It works and anyone can afford.

Philip Graves - Youngest ever Ironman Triathlon Champion, 2x Ironman 70.3 champion, Team GB member

I first used air compression before Ironman Arizona in 2017 and despite a puncture on the bike felt i had great legs on the day. As soon as i got back to the UK i knew i needed to get myself some Air Relax boots and i have been lucky enough to use them for the past few months. They are a great tool for recovery, you can really feel such a huge difference, especially if you have chronically tired and tired legs like myself. I have even been using them before as well as after harder sessions and have been seeing a huge benefit! I would definitely recommend a set if you are serious about your training and performance!

Trevor Woods Elite Triathlete & Exercise Physiologist

As an athlete with close to 30 years of training and competing I’m well aware of the need to optimise recovery if I want to maximise performance. The Air Relax system provides a quick and easy to use method of helping to recover tired legs from the comfort of your own home...

Matteo Cigala - Continental ProCyclist and Cycling Coach at Cigala Cycling

Air Relax is a great system that helps your recovery between each training session and race. Is now a part of my daily routine. Resting and recovery have always been a critical component of any successful training program, as it is in those moments when we are resting that the body adapts to the stress of exercise and the real training effect takes place. Air Relax is enhancing this, helping athletes to be always at the top of their condition

Boomerang Pro Fitness - Specialists in Personal Training, Nutrition, Performance Analysis, & Event Support

The Boomerang Pro Fitness team used the Air Relax boots with the professional racing drivers we were supporting at this year's Le Mans 24 hour race. Le Mans is the biggest motor race in the world and it's very physically demanding for drivers, who will stay behind the wheel for up to three hours at a time. The Air Relax boots proved to be a hugely beneficial recovery tool for drivers to use between their stints in the car and the feedback from individual users was really positive. Now we use the boots at every race we attend.

James Dasaolu - 100m Sprinter, Two time GB Olympian, Britain's second fastest athlete of all-time

I have been using the Air Relax compression boots for almost year. They are extremely portable and have a host of functions and are very easy to set up and use. They always leave my legs feeling refreshed every time I use them.

Alex Doherty 2018 World and British standard distance Duathlon AG champion.

To perform at my best I need to get the best recovery; since using Air Relax it has never been easier for me to reach my goals. Having the benifit of fresh legs each session can not be underestimated and I and wouldn’t go a training week without using my boots. I’m always looking for ways to improve my training and Air-relax has been a great find. I use the recovery boots after hard sessions, post races and for day-to-day relaxation of tense muscles. I first tried the Air-relax boots straight after the Duathlon World Championships as they were offering 15 minute taster sessions, I had just been racing for the best part of 2 hours so my legs were pretty destroyed! The feeling I can only describe as pleasanty uncomfortable but left me wanting more somehow! As soon as I got out of them I was surprised at how quickly they worked, they flushed out some of the toxins in my muscles leaving my legs feeling lighter (shame about the rest of the body!). Upon returning to the UK I made getting them a priority. The way I looked at it was I wouldn’t think twice about buying a performance part for my bike, so why wouldn’t I Invest in my legs. Very, very impressed Air-relax. Thank you!

Bristol Bears Rugby Team

Ryan Edwards “I train 6 days a week and I tend to use them after a long day of intense training in the evening. It makes your legs feel recovered the next day and ready to go again.” Tiff Eden “Train 5/6 days a week with a couple of sessions a day. I use the leg pumps between sessions or at the end of a tough day. They help reduce the feeling of heavy legs helping prepare for and recover from sessions.

Coralie GASSAMA, 15ème européenne sur 400m haies, 58’’26, U23

La préparation au 400m haies induit des entrainements très durs. Je fais toujours mon maximum pour optimiser mes performances sportives. La récupération est quelque chose de très important pour nous les athlètes. Depuis que j’utilise les bottes air relax, j’en ressens vraiment les bienfaits, surtout après de grosses séances. Ce que j’aime vraiment avec ces bottes c’est qu’il y a beaucoup de modes d’utilisation différents et cela me permet d’adapter le mode en fonction de mes besoins. Je suis impatiente de l’emmener lors de mes stages à l’étranger où l’entrainement sera des plus intenses

Jenny Spink - Elite International Distance Runner

I am an elite marathon runner and I used the Air Relax Europe legs as a regular part of my recovery routine. They made a noticeable difference. On days after hard sessions walking down stairs in my house was difficult and after a using the air relax legs I could walk down stairs with greater ease. Half the battle with marathon training is to get to the start line injury free and I am sure that taking my recovery seriously and using Air Relax Europe regularly, helped me get there. I would highly recommend them.

Colin Lynch - Paralympic Cyclist, 2-time World Champion and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games medallist

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    Intermittent pneumatic compression removes waste product and helps reduce injury risk and delayed onset muscle soreness known as DOMS


    Regular compression therapy after training has been shown to significantly increase performance in both sport and everyday fitness


    Reduce lactic acid buildup and boost oxygen distribution to significantly speed up recovery times